Wednesday, October 1, 2014

How to bypass NHL Gamecenter Blackouts - Workaround and stream LIVE games

So you have NHL GameCenter LIVE and you want to watch the Maple Leafs lose yet another game(jokes). You live in Vancouver and can't watch the Canucks because of local blackouts. Well here is a simple workaround to bypass local blackouts. 

In a nutshell here's what you will need

Smart DNS Service - We recommend Blockless 
7 Day Free Trial, No Credit Card Required ]

A Smart DNS service tricks NHL Gamecenter Live servers to think you are in the US or another country. They provide you with “DNS Numbers” to input in your router or device. Once you do this you will mask the fact that you are in your local market allowing you to bypass any blackouts. 

Once you have setup your Blockless account you can access all Canadian games bypass any local blackouts.  Simply login to your NHL GameCenter LIVE account and start enjoying!

Not sure how to set it up? Here are some step by step guides for your specific device. 

If you are using a Roku Device you need to setup the DNS numbers on your router/modem. If you are a Rogers or Bell customer use this guide

Want to bypass NHL Gamecenter LIVE blackouts? Get started now!


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